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Secretary's Message

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Secretary's Message

The establishment of B.B.M.B.Ed. College, Sardaha under Sardaha Gram Panchayat by a group of Teachers and Social Workers, who were inspired by mission-Education" of Late Binod Bihari Mahato, popularly known as "Binod Babu", have come forward to fulfill the mission of Education to the unemployed educated youth of Jharkhand by providing a Teachers Training Institute.

The effort for establishing the Institute has been made possible with the help and Co-operation of the members of the managing committee of the Institute as well as the Authorities of NCTE, ERC and Binod Bihari Mahto Koylanchal University, Dhanbad I wish to get all co-operation from all the concerned in the future for bringing the institution an ideal.

Welcome you all.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Mahato

B.B.M. B.Ed. COLLEGE, Sardaha