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Anti-Ragging Committee

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Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell plays vital role in educational institution’s mechanism. This cell is very essential as per guidelines of UGC under the Act of 1956, which is modified as UGC regulation curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational Institution, 2009.

The Main objectives of this cell are as follows:-
  • To provide the students, the idea of dehumanising effect of ragging inherent in perversity.
  • To vigil over ragging continuously to present its occurrence and recurrence.
  • To resolve the incident of ragging as soon as possible.
  • To ensure an overall disciplined environment in the college.
Guidelines of Anti Ragging Committee

As per UGC guidelines, B.B.M. B.Ed. College, Sardaha, Chas, Bokaro has also an Anti Ragging Committee. This Committee has several rules & guidelines: -

  • To resolve ragging related matters, B.B.M. B.Ed. College constitute an Anti Ragging Committee in each and every academic years.
  • Our institute organized different co-curriculum activities to aware the students.
  • Our institution monitors all ragging related matters regularly and for this, Institution has also installed CCTV camera.
  • Anti Ragging Committee always oversees about not to break discipline.
  • Anti ragging committee always maintains reports of all anti ragging related activities including complaints, investigation and action taken to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Our Anti ragging committee insists on not to occur a single complain related ragging which reflects ragging free campus.
Committee Members:
Serial No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Dr. Kumud Ranjan Convenor
2 Dr. Manoj Kumar Coordinator
3 Mrs. Pushpa Kumari Member
4 Bharat Mahato Member
5 Mercy Dung Dung Member
An aggrieved student can report any incident of ragging to the Committee